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Student Testimonials

Your courses are one of the best practical trainings out there. I have seen Vivek presenting live in a conference, and I like his way of sharing knowledge. It is clean, understandable, and explains the necessary background information without me having to dig into a topic for hours to understand what’s going on. Usually I am having hard time when looking for online, self-paced and on-demand trainings, which are technical without having to read again and again the high level concepts. Securitytube satisfies all my requirements for a technical training and it is very affordable! Best quality/price combo. Training material is well structured, practices after each section are great to help understanding the topic, exams are also great practical ones. You actually need to think and learn a bit to pass the exam, however the training covers enough details to pass them without much additional research. There are no pre-defined questions or answers.

– Lendvay Balázs
IT security specialist, Germany