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Highly Technical, Hands-on, Comprehensive Training

We provide one of the most comprehensive, hands-on and technically challenging courses in the industry. All our courses are beginner friendly and start from the very basics of the subject. After we cover all important concepts, we gradually introduce the student to more advanced topics. Most of our courses are between 6-12 hours in length to ensure that the student is provided with sufficient depth of knowledge to master the subject.

40+ Courses, 1900+ Labs, 1500+ HD Videos

We believe in teaching Defense through Offense - once you understand how attackers break into networks and systems, then as a defender you know what to check for when pentesting and what defenses you should build. Also, as pentesting is no longer about firing automated tools and sending reports, but rather being able to create new attack scenarios, automate tasks, customize attack tools and exploits, and to be able to hack together custom scripts on the go - our courses focus on task automation. Our comprehensive course catalog include topics such as Network, Web, Mobile and Wi-Fi Pentesting, scripting and automation using Python, Javascript, Powershell, programming in Assembly and writing 32/64-bit Shellcode, Linux and USB forensics, creating custom pentesting gadgets etc.

Real World Scenarios

Our course instructors are real world practitioners and understand that teaching how to audit security under "ideal" conditions is of little value. We place great emphasis on creating scenarios which are as close to real world circumstances as possible. This allows our students to use what they learn at Pentester Academy immediately into real world pentesting assignments! We challenge our students to think out-of-the-box as most real world environments are unique and generally cannot have pre-determined tailor made solutions.

Created by Researchers, Speakers, Book Authors

All our courses are created by subject matter experts and real world practitioners. Our authors are researchers who have discovered attacks and vulnerabilities, speak regularly at top industry conferences such as DEF CON, Blackhat USA & Europe, have authored multiple books and written security and pentesting tools. Some of the books our authors have written includes: Wireless Pentesting with Backtrack and Wireless Pentesting with Kali, Linux Forensics, Pentesting with Low Powered Devices etc. All our course authors have real world training experience which ensures that they are great teachers too!

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Student testimonials are the greatest badge of honor we can ever hope to showcase! We would encourage you to have a look at our Testimonials Page. If we were to take the liberty to summarize what our students love about our courses, then it would be - practical, deep technical content, concept-oriented, comprehensive yet affordable! Our typical customers are security professionals from the industry, researchers, hackers, system administrators and students.

Professionals from Enterprises in 90+ Countries

Since 2011, Pentester Academy and SecurityTube Training have trained thousands of professionals from hundreds of Enterprises from over 90+ countries worldwide. Our online customers include professionals from enterprises such as HP, KPMG, PWC, ING, KCG, CheckPoint, Mcafee, Symantec, VMWare, Adidas, IBM, Phaseone Mobile, New York Times, BMC Software, Bank of America, GE and government organizations from around the world.

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