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Pentester Academy and INE are joining forces to continue breaking down barriers to Cyber Security education around the world through on-demand hands-on training for students of all backgrounds and skill levels.
Together, we will further our mission to help students be successful in a technology-driven world through the industry's best and most comprehensive Cyber Security training and labs available. We're challenging industry norms and pushing past limitations to bring you the best Information Technology training in the world on-demand.
At a time when data breaches, ransomware, and exploits represent an existential threat, being at the leading edge of the newest offensive and defensive techniques are critical to stopping these attacks. That's why we're working to build engagement and ensure our education suite is top-notch.
Information Technology and Cyber Security are the way of the future. With the joining of Pentester Academy and INE to help navigate it, the future is brighter than ever before. To help announce this partnership, we will be hosting a webinar:
  • Friday, October 22, 2021 from 9:30-10:15 a.m. EDT: Join Pentester Academy's founder Vivek Ramachandran with INE's Chief Content Officer Neal Bridges, and Chief Marketing Officer Scott Cederbaum on INE Live for a discussion about how Pentester Academy and INE are joining forces. They'll discuss the future of Cyber Security education, how INE expects to expand labs into Cloud Computing and other IT fields, and take your questions.
Join the webinar here or through any INE Social channel (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube). Stay tuned for more information on this new partnership and learn more in the FAQ section below, or refer to the press release!
Why are Pentester Academy and INE joining forces?
Pentester Academy and INE both offer the most comprehensive IT training the industry has to offer. By joining forces, we're adapting to meet our students' needs through in-depth training, thousands of virtual lab exercises, instructor-led videos, and more. Together, our combined solutions will allow students of both platforms and all skill sets to continue accelerating their IT careers through the best training available.
How will this impact me if I'm a Pentester Academy customer?
Nothing about your current subscription with Pentester Academy will be changing. You will continue to access your materials from the same website, and will have access to the same great labs and bootcamps that you've experienced historically.
How will this impact me if I'm also an INE customer?
Nothing about your current subscription with INE will be changing. You will continue to have access to learning path related labs and bootcamps, and all the fantastic instructor-led content you rely upon. The INE and Pentester Academy platforms will remain separate for the foreseeable future.
How do I learn more?
We will post updates to this landing page and on social media as new information becomes available. Please follow us on:
Pentester Academy
Who should I reach out to for additional questions?
If you have any questions, please email us at