Testimonials from Pentester Academy and SecurityTube Customers

Your courses are one of the best practical trainings out there. I have seen Vivek presenting live in a conference, and I like his way of sharing knowledge. It is clean, understandable, and explains the necessary background information without me having to dig into a topic for hours to understand what’s going on. Usually I am having hard time when looking for online, self-paced and on-demand trainings, which are technical without having to read again and again the high level concepts. Securitytube satisfies all my requirements for a technical training and it is very affordable! Best quality/price combo. Training material is well structured, practices after each section are great to help understanding the topic, exams are also great practical ones. You actually need to think and learn a bit to pass the exam, however the training covers enough details to pass them without much additional research. There are no pre-defined questions or answers.

Lendvay Balázs
Lear Corporation GmbH, IT security specialist, Germany

The JavaScript for Pentesters course is not just about learning JavaScript programming language and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).  Its also about how to take advantage of XSS vulnerability to build advanced attacks such as Stealing user information, Logging Keystrokes and DOM manipulation. This course is very helpful to my daily work and I really enjoyed the course. I will continue to take Vivek’s other courses and I highly recommend this course to my friends and colleagues.

Wei Gao
Senior Security Research Engineer, IXIA, Texas, US

I found the Linux Assembly Expert course to be unique as it challenges the trainee to research and write implementations himself rather than just learning a book. This is also reflected by the exam which requires the user to go hands and which, in my opinion, tests the skills of the user a lot better than a multiple choice exam can. I also liked the fact there weren’t any time constraints on when to take the exam, which made it infinitely easier to plan in with regards to my job. The fact you also get a complete GDB course as an extra is a real bonus (Vivek wants to make sure you really know how to use your basic tools). The best part of the course was the price, there are little other trainings of the same quality with the same price.

Lucas Kauffman
IT Security Advisor, Ernst & Young

SecurityTube and Vivek Ramachandran are making a significant contribution and impact in the field of Information Security Education. My experience completing Wireless Security Expert has been fun and highly satisfying. The course content is of high-quality, hands-on & crystal-clear to understand. Vivek has the unique gift of transferring his knowledge seemingly casually yet very effectively. The technique of breaking topics into delicious small-chunks make them easy to absorb irrespective of the complexity of the subject. After passing the SWSE, I am having fun doing the Python Scripting Expert course!

Sarveshwar Rao
CISSP,CISA,C|EH,SWSE, Sr. Security Product Manager, Alcatel-Lucent

My experience with iOS Security Expert has been really great ! This course is the most complete one available on Internet and really allow me to progress in iOS pentesting. The videos, the explanations and the exercises are great qualities and the exam was really fun. I recommend!!!

Régis Senet
Security Consultant chez XMCO

I am working for a WISP and have more than 5 years experience in wireless networks. I was looking for a wireless security course which would be comprehensive and structured, and which explains the basics to the absolute bleeding edge advanced. The pedantic approach to learning using practical and challenging labs is what made me take the Wi-Fi Security Expert course and certification. Vivek’s videos provide a perfect way to learn and the student forum allowed me to clear my doubts and get hints and tips to solve my existing problems, and to explore new things which I never thought before.

Andrea Consadori
Lais S.R.L, Italy

After having done my homework on reviewing numerous other online courses covering the subject matter that I wanted to study, I finally chose to settle on taking the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert course. I can now confidently state that I was very satisfied with my choice. I was not a novice assembly programmer going into the course, but given the level of confidence and clarity that Vivek had in teaching the material I am positive that even beginners would be able to follow along just fine. I myself feel like I have now gained a deeper appreciation for the subtle nuances of assembly programming in the information security field. My warmest thanks to Vivek and the staff at SecurityTube for all their detailed time spent on teaching this course.

Thanesh Gopal
Software Engineer, Ottawa, Canada

Though I’ve been working with Python for automating security related tasks for almost two years now, this course enhanced my understanding of the language to new depths. I’ve already recommended the Python Scripting Expert to all my friends, as trainer gives very clear and interesting explanations during lectures and in attached PDF materials. But still, if you want to know the subject better, you constantly need to do a lot of research yourself. And this course does really help in that! :)

Andriy Brukhovetskyy
CyberSecurity Professional at S21sec, Spain

The Linux Assembly Expert course is one of the few courses that I recommend to everyone I meet. Not only is it well put together and comprehensive, the materials are expansive without degrading quality. I’ve been writing shellcode for ten years now, and Vivek still managed to teach me ways of doing things I’d never thought of before. The SLAE course and certification require proof of knowledge that other courses miss, and anyone who has passed it has my utmost respect.

Jason Spalding
Senior Systems and Security Engineer, Education, Government

I found the Metasploit Framework Expert course videos very elaborate, easy to understand and very practical. This is a high level certification with a really great material and quality. I found what I was searching in SecurityTube, and is very sure I’ll going taking the next certifications offered. I’m not a profesional of security, I’m Engineer in Computer Science, most of all a programmer but always I’ve been enthusiastic of security. With the SMFE I learning a lot and has made me better in the world of security. Congratulations to Vivek Ramachandran excellent teacher and the whole team of SecurityTube. I’ll be available to help and contribute in all I can and be part of this team.

Sigfredo Alvarado
Engineer in Computer Science, Venezuela

The Wi-Fi Security Expert is a unique course by Vivek. The methodology used is responsible for transmitting the knowledge very efficiently. I think that is one of the most complete wireless courses I’ve seen. The course material is well illustrated and has helped me develop my skills as a professional.

Marc Rivero López
eCrime analyst in S21Sec

The Python Scripting Expert course is not Just about learning a programming language. Its about learning Python “The Hackers way”.This course is a simply awesome as Vivek goes from amateur level to automating a pen-testers regular work, which actually makes life easy. This course is a personal treasure.And always thumbs up for all the effort Vivek is taking in designing such courses.

Abhishek Basu
Information Security Engineer, Sumeru Software Solutions, Bangalore, India

In my opinion, the Wi-Fi Security Expert is one of the best online courses out there, it goes from the basic and dig deep into the advance. Vivek not only just show me how insecure my wifi network, but also help me understand how it can secure it . As an instructor, I think it’s essential that my networking students understand and be able to protect their wireless network.

Nguyen Hoang Lien
Lachong University, Vietnam

The coherent teaching style and technically challenging lab exercises in the Metasploit Framework Expert certification help towards a gradual and comprehensive learning curve for the student.

Jamie Rougvie

I love infosec and I love Python. So the Python Scripting Expert is perfect for me. Vivek’s instruction is wonderful and the pace is just right. I’ve started talking about this course so much with my own students that they want to join me. At this price you can’t afford not to take this course!

Ian McWilliam
Professor of Computer and Network Systems Security, Georgian College, Canada

I am looking forward to using Vivek’s Videos and course materials in my Penetration testing classes. There are thousands of videos on security but none are as good as the videos from SecurityTube. I showed my class the first Metasploit Framework Expert video and all of the students had praise for both the content and instruction in the video.

Dane Schupbach
Trident Technical College, Network Systems Program Coordinator, US

I would rate Vivek as an excellent teacher. I have used his Wi-fi Security videos both in my computer security class (all of them) and in my operating systems class (primarily earlier videos talking about wi-fi basics). I really like his method of providing a little theory, followed by demonstation, and followed up with more in depth theory as appropriate. I am looking forward to teaching an ethical hacking class this summer with Vivek’s Wi-fi book and Kennedy’s Metasploit text. I will definitely encourage my students to supplement what we do in class by watching Vivek’s videos.

Philip Polstra
Professor of CIS, University of Dubuque, US

The course Wi-Fi Security Expert should be mandatory for all those security professionals who have their interest in Wi-Fi Security. A very challenging course with a good balance of practical and theory and is designed in such a way to make students think out of the box. This is first time I attended an online course whose value is far more than its costs. Don’t hesitate to take this training/certification and I am sure you won’t regret.

Arsalan Ali Najwani
Security Analyst, Trillium Information Security Systems, Pakistan

My name is Duangkaew Sawamiphakdi, I’m an associate professor at Thammasat University, Thailand. I’m currently teaching a network security course for 3rd year undergrad students. I found that your video tutorial, wireless security series posted in SecurityTube are excellent and did a great deal in helping me conducting the course. Thank you and please keep up this great work.

Duangkaew Sawamiphakdi
Associate Professor, Computer Science, Thammasat University, Thailand

First of all want to thanks Vivek and his crew for putting up such a nice package Wi-Fi Security Course and Certification. In my limited 4 years of InfoSec experience I believe that this is the most cost effective and fastest learning experience in Wireless Security domain. And the Certification is an icing on the cake for my overall carrier growth.

Rohit Mual
Security Analyst, Sumeru Software Pvt. Ltd., India

I have been learning and practicing Information Security for quite some time, yet I used to feel that something was missing in my arsenal. After watching the demo videos of Python Scripting Expert and other primers by Vivek Sir, I realized that I needed to learn python, as it would help me to automate various tasks as well as leverage many libraries and APIs for security testing. What I really liked about the course is the coverage from security perspective and the pace at which it moves forward. It not only makes you learn Python but also various other security related topics in collaboration. Vivek sir makes even the toughest of the topics clear and easy to understand with the ongoing practicals. Now I feel confident and ready to jump into the arena of penetration testing.

Sudhanshu Chauhan
Security Analyst, India

Hello my name is Michael and I’m a trainee computer scientist. I used the Wi-Fi Security Expert to dive deeper into the Security world. I found the course easy to understand with an excellent teaching. Started from the very basics to an more advanced level. Perfect blend of theory and practice examples. I used the Home Lab exercises to depress t he theory from the videos. I can recommend this certificate everyone which is interested in Security.

Michael Mueller

I’m Tiago Pedrosa, I teach in the field of system and networking administration and security at Politecnical Institute of Bragança. Securitytube materials can improve students’ performance in the area of security assessment. These materials are an added value as a companion for students to achieve further competences. Materials comprise outstanding quality and are suitable in self-studying activities.

Tiago Pedrosa
Politecnical Institute of Bragança, Portugal

I learned lots of things about wireless networks thanks to Wi-Fi Security Expert course. It is really contains details of subjects, so you can learn many subjects as teorical and technical. I am a member of Octosec Information Security Team in Turkey. Because of that, I am sharing my informations that I learned with other people in Hacker Camps that we organised. Thanks for this Pentester Academy.

Octosec - Information Security Community from Turkey, Security Engineer

I truly enjoyed Vivek Ramachandran’s Assembly Language Expert course. I have worked with computers for 30 years in programming (financial services), security (penetration testing) and teaching (network security and forensics) at the college level. Having cut my teeth on assembly language programming in the 1980′s and more recently. reversing and exploit development, I still benefited from the excellent presentation of the material. The casual style and methodical flow through a complex subject was perfect from my perspective. Vivek is a truly gifted teacher, as well as an expert in the subject matter. I will surely be taking other courses in the future and will unreservedly recommend the course to others.

John Pierce, CISSP
Fort Worth, USA

Signing up for the Pentester's Academy is a good choice I made. Lot's of knowledge and Vivek is doing a great job. Love his lectures, easy to understand. I'd recommend you too to sign up.

Osanda Malith Jayathissa

No courses in pentesting comes even close. Fantastic coure. Couldn't recommend it highly enough. If you are really serious about learning pentesting the look no further

Younes Bellioum

I'm really satisfied with the courses of pentester academy. Finally I understood complicated topics like shellcoding and buffer overflow that for years I tried to figure out with guides and tutorials without success. The quality of content and the ease with which they are expressed make this course of study the best available online. In addition the truly economical price make it unique. I thank you very warmly Vivek and all the team and the people who have made this possible.

Darix Deros
Web Developer-Database Administrator, Alcatel-Lucent, Italy

I found the teaching methodology of Vivek one of the best of all the courses which i have followed. Vivek is very clear and precise when explaining the subject so this allows also to the less experienced people to follow the course without any problems. Another thing that I found smart and innovative is how the SLAE exam certification is structured because it challenges you to research and write your own implementation rather than studying a book or doing a theoretical exam. Last but not the least a praise also to the course material because it is very clear and comprehensive. Now after this course i'm going to do the SLAE64 and JavaScript for Penterster courses. I'm sure they will be as fun and interesting as this one!

Paolo Stivanin

Generally, all you can find is “programmers speaking to programmers” but now with the Python Scripting Expert every one can learn Python. Programming is a state of mind and this is not my case, with the SPSE I finally found a clear course that not teach me how to create a recipes book or a little game but how to interact with your environment inside your network or the internet only with Python. I must admit that SPSE (for me) is more complicated that SWSE and SMFE community but you will learn so much that you cannot miss this opportunity; low price for rich and useful content.

Laurent Gerard

I have found the Python Scripting Expert training and certification to be a great way to focus on a weaker aspect of my skill set which is security. I have found the tutorials to be clear and provide quality real world examples of exploit and security testing. I feel the course is money well spent and a great way to improve your practical knowledge and skills.

Vince Sesto
Systems Development Engineer, Experian Hitwise

One day I made the most correct decision regarding to computers: to learn assembly. And all I needed to pursue the path of stones was a course like the Linux Assembly Expert. The Vivek’s didactics is very interesting. The student, through the videos, slides and assignments (exam), overcomes himself every new challenge. Before the SLAE I looked at a code in assembly and didn’t understand anything. Today, besides reading, I can write them successfully. In short, a fantastic course.

Geyslan Gregório Bem
Judiciary Technician, Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 7ª Região, Brazil

I'm a security researcher with +7 years of experience, I've started in Pentester Academy two months ago and I've learned things that I've never seen in other security related courses. The videos have a high quality and VIvek explains complex concepts in a easy-understand way. On other hand, the wide range of themes (network security, python, web applications, software exploitation, wifi security, etc) make the pentester academy unique compared with another security-related courses. If you compare the prices and contents with another security courses, Pentester Academy is the best choise in market, if your main interst is to learn I will recommend it to you.

Daniel Echeverry Montoya
Analyst at Accenture, AOS, Madrid, Spain

Pentester Academy is by far the best pentesting course available. I have spent the time researching, and the money learning other pentest courses. No comparison at all. Go with Vivek and PentesterAcademy!

John Fraser
Network Support, Cititone.ca, Canada

I highly recommend this as a busy IT Director I need access to the latest security information, available in lessons that are not only updated weekly, but presented by industry experts. This is not your usual substandard 3rd party security training. If you work or advise on security products or solutions, this training solution is a must for your toolkit.

Clinton Elston
IT Director, Storm Technologies

Pentester Academy is a very effective resource to learn and consult an ample variety of aspects in the Infosec area. Vivek covers in details the most usually hard and misunderstood subjects, striking a great balance of theory and practice. Vivek makes a strong point in identifying those areas that are scarcely or badly documented and brings clarity and cohesiveness, so people can readily get the main ideas and expand their research. Pentester Academy is a must for anybody that needs to learn It security without having to consult thousands of scattered and sometimes conflicting sources of information.

Miguel Hernandez
Senior Application Security Analyst, LIVENATION Entertainment

Time to give back... I had learned so much from Vivek's free videos that i wanted to give a little back! I enrolled in Pentester Academy and enjoyed all the extra courses i found there... Vivek's lessons are quite enjoyable and well paced. His way of teaching is remarkable. As everybody can tell by the free videos on SecurityTube, he is very competent and pays attention to the details. I went thru the iPhone security expert course, from which i took a lot. I am now studing the Python course, which is not as easy as i would dreamed of... I have no prior programming experince and that's what slows me down.... I can tell however, that with the needed effort i think i will be able to make it thru. In the end my best recommendation to all of you guys! if your looking for an efficient way to get past the stuck point in your learning this is the right place. Thanks a lot Vivek for the effort and professional teaching

Federico Camponogara

Pentester Academy is a breakthrough in the InfoSec learning. Vivek is doing his best to revolutionize this field and until now the work that has been done is really fantastic. I recommend to everybody to signup for Pentester Academy. You won't ever regret nothing.

Simone Bovi

Pentester Academy has a very comprehensive curriculum that spans most penetration testing topics. With the number of courses that are readily available, plus the ones being added at regular intervals, the Pentester Academy keeps the avid learner constantly engaged with fresh and current content. This coupled with the affordable price makes Pentester Academy the obvious choice for any true security fanatic.

Matthew Buzanowski

The work and dedication to put into this online training platform is phenomenal!! My hat goes off to Vivek and his team for the great work they have put into creating one of the best security testing resources online for a fraction of the cost of anything else. Awesome Job on both the online labs and content!!


As someone who is new to the info dc community, all the information you need to learn can be overwhelming. However with Pentester Academy it is like having a top community mentor right there in the room to walk you through everything you need to know.

Aaron Criswell

PenTester Academy is a wealth of resources at your finger tips. With content for both seasoned veterans and those crafting their first exploit, this PTA has something for everyone.

RK Davies

This is a phenomenal resource! Not only does it aggregate interesting Information Security talks and tutorials from around the web but the founder, Vivek, also does a spectacular job of guiding viewers through the most fundamental and critical topics in his Megaprimers. These cover areas the average user usually finds challenging and intimidating, yet Vivek follows a logical progression - starting with the basics - and makes this technical content approachable.

Professor Dane Brown
US Naval Academy, Professor of Practice

El trabajo de Vivek y su equipo es excelente.Material actualizado constantemente y personas respondiendo tus dudas. Una auténtica academia para los amantes de la Seguridad Informática y el Hacking.

Jose Luis Núñez

Quality training can be a very expensive venture in the information security realm. There's also a risk of that costly training being extremely disappointing, e.g., crappy or obsolete material, inept instructor, we've all been there. Let's not forget about scheduling issues and time away from family. Vivek has addressed all of these issues with pentester academy. Granted, you can check out all of the free vids on securitytube and learn a ton, however, Vivek is constantly updating the pentester academy videos/challenges and given his effort thus far you will definitely get your 40 bucks worth. I'm really impressed by his level of effort with this. You will be too. Thanks Vivek!

Jason Roberts, CISSP-ISSAP
Sr Security Engineer, US

Coming from a high level programming background, I decided to take the leap into Assembly. The SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert made the process easy, and was very well presented by the instructor. I now have a clear understanding of low level programming and the related security aspects. I would definitely recommend SecurityTube to anyone looking for high quality training with an affordable price tag. SLAE had me hooked, and I’m now currently working towards my Python Scripting Expert certification.

Tristan Strathearn
Software & Website Engineer, Victoria, Australia

The Python Scripting Expert training is taking me from near zero python skills to being able to tackle almost any security related task. I am building a very valuable toolbox of python techniques and knowledge – Thank You SecurityTube!!

Security Analyst
Australian Bank

Thanks to well-planned modules, relevant home labs and coherent teaching the Python Scripting Expert Course helps even a complete novices to start developing their own security tools in Python. Flexible course schedule provides ability to concentrate on thing when you want it and student portal is always there to help if you are stuck. Help requests are processed swiftly and competently by SecurityTube Team.

Indrek Loorents
Systems Administrator, Danske Bank A/S Estonia branch

The Wi-Fi Security Expert is one of the best online courses I’ve done and the quality of your video lectures was good. The course coverage was very comprehensive and current. I can see the SWSE being the premier qualification for Wireless Security training / testing.

Denis Hancock
Network Support Manager, Samurai Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia

I’ve never got on well with learning from home, always preferring to take courses in a class room where I can’t be distracted and have the attention of the teacher as soon as I need it. Somehow though, the Wi-Fi training managed to hold my attention and I got though the videos in no time. I think it is the bite sized chunks that clearly cover a single area in a short time that does it. You watch a short video, learn something then move on. The video quality and great Vivek’s subject knowledge also help a lot. As for value for money, you simply can’t beat it. 50+ videos with over 12 hours of content for free verses thousands of pounds for a commercial course. Even the labs and certification are peanuts compared to other providers.

Robin Wood
Infosec Researcher, UK

I have been working in IT for 10 years and it makes a refreshing change to come across an organisation that offers such high quality training for free without any catches! The tutorials on the securitytube site are an exceptional resource and a must for any one wanting to learn more about the practical side of infosec. I have been working towards the SWSE and have found both the ‘Wireless LAN Security and Penetration Testing Megaprimer’ and the book ‘BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing’ excellent. The book is very practical, backing up the well explained theory, whilst the videos are simple to follow, informative and to the point. I’m really pleased I discovered the site and am looking forward to getting stuck into the Python Scripting and Metasploit Framework courses!


I found the Metasploit Framework Expert training to be easy to follow, organized, and straight to the point. The approach of theory and lab helped me better understand each section while keeping things interesting.

John D. Babio
Resident Life Network Administrator, East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA

The Wi-Fi Security Expert is an excellent course. The quality of the material makes this certification be different from other and I’m totally convinced that this certification will become one of the most important.

Mario Acosta
System Engineer, Universidad de Lima, Peru

In the Metasploit Framework Expert course, Vivek is able to articulate and communicate the explanations extremely well. I found it very useful to follow along with the videos, check the forums and looked forward to every video.

Jay B
Toronto, Canada

My name is Ammar aka Reznov , from Jerusalem , 21 years old , a pentester and exploit researcher , I’ve already finished the diploma certificate 2 years in computer engineering and network design , you can say I’am a pentest geek and zealot security information . Soon i’ll travel to russia to continue my education to have PA in god willing . Linux Assembly Expert course and certification , is one of the best courses I’ve ever seen on the internet , it has added to me more than one thing to mention. The methodology of the lectures are fantastic, the PDF’s for each module, the slide’s shows and illustrating in the same time rather than the theoretical method, diagrams also are marvelous , even I’ve noticed all them to my notebook to be my favorite reference if I forgot something , HD quality and so on. I’d recommend every person who shows his interests in exploit researching or exploit development or any kind of security fields to follow Securitytube team.Eventually , these are two recommendations from a very modest pentester and exploit researcher to my brothers in security information field :
1- Learn python language , go throw it , mastering it , and of course Python Scripting Expert course is your way , honestly after experience .
2- Learn assembly language for both environments windows and linux operating systems (SLAE) , because it’s your gate to a real ethical hacker . Vivek, this is the thousand time I shows your gratitude to us , thanks in advance for your efforts.

Ammar aka Reznov
Pentester and Exploit Researcher, Jerusalem

The quality of Metasploit Framework Expert Course Material videos is fantastic and provides for an easy way to learn a complex subject like SMFE. I would highly recommend this to anyone aspiring to learn or enter the field of information security , and finally i wanna say Vivek is the best teacher i’ve ever seen , Thanks Vivek cuz you taught me so much.

Ahmed El-hady
Menofia University, Egypt

Metasploit Framework Expert – Great Course. I am enjoying every bit of it!

Hans Cobben
Royal Mosa, Netherlands

Although Backtrack is the primary weapon of choice in this course, Vivek does an excellent job of teaching the nuts and bolts of wireless networking so you’re reliant on your understanding of a technology and not a specific tool.

Bruce Kelly
NOC, Clearwire, US

The Wi-Fi Security Expert certification provides good course coverage with a very systematic and structured approach.

Charlie Brown

The Wi-Fi Security Expert is one of the best online courses out there and the free, quality infosec education is an awesome initiative by SecurityTube. I am a fan of SecurityTube!

Abhinav Mishra
System Security Analyst, HCL- ISD, India

I have watched all the videos in the certification category ( SWSE and SMFE )of SecurityTube, they have not just helped me in terms of the security learning aspect but has virtually enlarged my horizon as regards to IT. I would love to see more certification in other related areas from SecurityTube. I also enjoy the way you treat a topic in detail, please keep it up.

Yacham Joseph
Aptech Kaduna Center, Nigeria

The on-demand nature of the Wi-Fi Security Expert course made it very flexible for me to use it anytime, anywhere. Its elaborate and detailed course coverage surely gives it an edge over the competition.

Infosec Researcher, UK